Embed image in email using Send Outlook Mail Message activity

I can see the image only in my desktop only, but if i see the same email in my receiver desktop,it’s not displaying, how to overcome this problem?


Create Same Path like C:\User\img1.png to both sender and receiver system . You should be able to see.This is customized solution ,not general .Please test before using .

What to do if the image should be visible everywhere irrespective of the sender/receiver system??

Upload it to Cloud or Web Service and fetch it .Hope this helps :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work when you send mail to external systems.

I attach the image (.png) as an attach file with HTML below and it works every time.

Not sure it would help in this case.


I want to use load image activity and use the entire code.
but it is giving me error : " Load image : Load image from file failed. Check if the file path contains a valid image "

please provide the solution.

You will need to provide a path to a valid image (jpg, bmp, dif etc)