Emails stay in the Outbox folder when I Unclick on outlook button "work Offline"

I’ve created a robot that encrypt PDF and send emails to different email addresses.
To ensure to have the correct number of emails sent, I work in offline outlook mode.
So, once the robot has finished to run, then I only need to check the number of emails that are in the outbox folder and then click on the “work offline” button in outlook. Then every emails are sent to the correct emails adress automatically.

It worked for me on my machine but now it doesnt on the machine of my colleague. Emails stay in the outbox folder and no possiblity to send the emails. The only possbility is to send them 1 by 1 (something that we want to avoid).

I’m thinking about to add something like the “kill process” activity in the robot itself. Would this solve my problem?
or do you see something else that I can try to solve my problem in outlook?

Thanks in advance for your help.

I used the below activity at the end of the process.
it seems that users were able to send 22 emails without problems.
I’m afraid that the problem is coming when we will send more than hundred emails.
Do you think my problem will come back again if I send more than 100 emails for instance?
Can you confirm me that the kill process activity used will solve my problem?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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