Element Visibility

I am tring to get all visible element names from findChildren activity. GetAttribute(“visibility”) is incorrectly giving 0 or 1.
What is a good alternative to get accurate result?

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its better you explore other properties from
The ui explorer page by spying the elements you need…from the left side bottom menu you shpuld be able to find the properties can check if any other property suites your requirement

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Hii @A_Learner ,
As I said please try with Attributes likes “visibleInnerText” or “InnerText” or “Text”
Let us know if you are getting the required output


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Hi @A_Learner It looks like the activity is not suited for your requirement. Did you try with dynamic selectors? Also,please share screenshot if possible

Tried with every reasonable attribute like aaname, visibility, foreground, innertext, outertext. enabled, readystate, parentclass etc. Could not find any attribute that makes the column hidden or visible.

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Assumption: Webpage/Webapplication

with Version 2.0.0 the package is available and compatible with:

  • Windows Legacy
  • Windows

Currently, the marketplace is displaying only Windows compatibility But is a limit of the website

Let’s assume that the visibility is set by a CSS Style (e.g. Display Property) then above package offers activities to retrieve the value.

Kindly note: some CSS Properties are defined on the upper parent level and retrieval is to do there


  • want to know, if an input element is displayed or not
  • input is part of a dialog div

div#login - style: display: none | display:block

  • div#wrapper
    • input#feedback
    • other element
    • other element

So at this typical scenario we would search the triggering attributes at dix#wrapper level and will not get it at input#feedback level

Assumption: Desktop Application / SAP / Java Application…

  • the check on an existing attribute with the name relativeVisibility could be one of the first analysis steps

So @ppr how do I get to div#wrapper.
My grid has lot of columns. I am not able to find a property that makes some invisible. There is no dusting between visible and invisible column properties.