Get Attribute Visibility returing 1 even if element is not visible

Hi, I’m having an issue with the Get Attribute activity. The visibility is returning “1” even if the element is not visible.

Hello @Cervanez_Andy_William_Ado, could it mean that the element is active even though it is not visible? Try using a simulate click on it!


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Can you share some sample screens to explain your issue?


I’m trying to detect the “Search” input field in the screenshot below

However, upon multiple screen reload, there’ll be an instance that the element is not visible but it is still getting validated by UiPath.

I tried using Get attribute but the Visibility is still getting set to 1 despite it not being visible in the screen.


Can you check with element exist instead of visibility?


That was the original activity that I was using. FYI. I’m doing a “Retry Scope” activity to detect the search input field. I also did the “Complete and Interactive” in the WaitForReady of the Element Exist activity as well.

we encountered that this attribute is not reliable triggering the visibility status. As it is dealing with a webpage/webapplication following workarounds can be checked:

For Get Attribute - visibility:

AttributeVisibility.Equals(0) … If true : The element is visible
AttributeVisibility.Equals(1) … If true : The element is not visible

AttributeVisibility(Int32) is my outArgument of Get Attribute Activity in this case

0 is true and 1 is false in this case.

I think you had it the other way round.

Edit: also make sure that your UiPathStudio does not occlude the selector.

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I encountered the same problem. I’ve noticed te following:
AttributeVisibility.Equals(0) … If true : The element is visible
AttributeVisibility.Equals(2) … If true : The element is not visible
0 is true and 2 is false in this case.