I am getting all column names with find children activity. However this is giving hidden columns also. The issue is - “Visibility Attribute” is not reliable for required columns. That is if “Last Name*” is required, there is a red star next to Last Name. When I get viisibilty attribute for this “Last Name*” I am not getting correct value when the column is visible or hidden. How can I fix this? Thanks so much.


Can you elaborate with specific screenshot / workflow?


I am getting all column names from a DIV using find children activity.

I need to get only visible column names as some columns can be set to not visible because the screen extends out of boundaries. Find children is giving me all columns. For that I wanted to use if visibility attribute to select visible columns.

Now the issue is the DIV extending across the screen with 100+ of columns. I am getting visibility 0 or 1 accurately from the visible screen. All other columns it is getting me “not visible” that is 1 value even though some are visible.

How do I scroll across the screen while doing find children?

Thanks so much

Hi @A_Learner Sounds like this is not a reliable one. Can you try with Element Exists. Check below link