Visibility of an ui element

hello, I am trying to check if an element is on screen or not

it appears after a button is clicked and a menu is expanded

the problem is, it still “exists” if the menu is not visible, so activities like “element exists” and “find element” find it anyway.

the selector property “visible” in uiexplorer is always “1” no matter if the menu is expanded or not

any help would be appreciated

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when element is from a web page we can use often some CSS Property values to check the visibility status. e.g. display - none

For this we have released following package:

When element is from an application in some scenarios (JAVA Form Apps, SAP cases) we can refer to the relativeVisibility attribute.

Also in some cases not the element but some other elements above in the hierarchy are toggling the state. Nowadays obsolete but find an example here:


Can you use Ui explorer and inspect on the element to find the attribute which determines the existence of that element. Then you can use get attribute to validate that.