Pause Automation on a slow website


I am doing an automation by which we can download data from IRCTC. There is an issue where the page takes time to load after I click “Download csv file”. The delay activity is not my desired solution as sometimes it takes few seconds and sometimes five minutes. I want to pause automation when “Please wait…File Downloading” pop up appears.

Kindly help me with this.

Sounds as if you like to use this activity:



I cannot find “wait element vanish” in my activities tab. However “On Element Vanish” is there , is it the same thing?

Hi @shrayud ,

In order to find the Wait Element Varnish activity you should:
a. expand the UI Automation → Element → Find (section) [as you are currently looking within the UI Automation → Element → Event (section)] or
b. use the Search activities functionality

Whilst the On Element Vanish and Wait Element Vanish might look as doing the same thing, these activities are behaving in different ways:

  • Wait Element Vanish - just waits for the specified elements to disapear from the screen, nothing more, nothing less, while
  • On Element Vanish - enables you to perform one or multiple actions after a specified element vanishes

For a better understanding of these activites, please check theirs documentation (here) and (here)

Best regards,