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I have a process that logs into a java app through MS Edge. I’m using the Element Exists activity to verify the login was successful. This works beautifully when I run locally through my debugger. When I publish to Orchestrator and run unattended on our test environment, the process logs in successfully, but Element Exists doesn’t find the selector, therefore it thinks it didn’t log in.

I can’t debug in the test environment because Studio only debugs locally, as far as I can tell. Is there a way to find out what the difference is between the selectors in my local environment vs the test environment. The only difference I can see right now is that there is a minor version variance between Edge installations in the two environments (local is 99.xxxxx and test is 92.xxx). One would hope that it’s not that “touchy”.



Install Studio on the VM, remote into the VM, and debug that way.

By the way, you really should be on modern and using the new activities. The way selectors and object identification work is much better.

All that being said, post the selector so we can take a look at it.

Hi @carlor,

I think it’s because of the resolution.You can take a screenshot and send it to yourself.


Sorry for the delay. Been tied up with a bunch of other issues.

Here’s the selector with the app name changed to protect the innocent :slight_smile: Note that I had to get rid of the angle brackets for it to show up in the post.

html title=‘AppName*’ app=‘msedge.exe’ /
wnd cls=‘SunAwtFrame’ /
java name=‘AppName*’ role=‘internal frame’ /
java name=‘AppName*’ role=‘label’ /

Any suggestions for a modern activity to validate the login was successful?



I’m not using an image. I’m checking for the selector of the java app’s menu bar.

Well, I figured out the problem.

Java was updated on the remote system which wiped out the UIPath Java extension. I had to reinstall it manually and, lo and behold, it works again!

I wasted SOOO much time trying to get the selectors to work on the remote system. Sigh…


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