Selectors for Element exists stopped working

I am working with a team that is using Uipath for Regression testing in an FCCS environment. When I started to update the legacy code for aligning with the RE framework, the logging in and then consecutive actions were working as expected. Suddenly, the element exists activity after logging in started giving “False” as Boolean output.

I tried to edit the selectors from Ui explorer and tried again but didn’t work. I asked my teammates if they are able to validate the selector which was present originally in the legacy code, the selector works on their machines.
We tried to change the options of Ui Frameworks from Default to Active Accessibility, and it worked. But, then I had to configure all the activities that are pointing to that element in my application to the Active Accessibility option as a temporary workaround. After the changes, I tried to run the automation again and the activity next to it immediately using selectors is getting failed. It seems like even if I fix these selectors to set with the option of Active Accessibility, there is a high chance that the consecutive activity using the selector will fail again.

We ensured the selectors were not using any variables which were changing like the IDX and that only the reliable selectors are being used which will have fewer chances of changing with time and machine.

Below are the approaches that were tried to fix this problem, but DID NOT work:

  1. Restarted my machine
  2. Tried to indicate elements in firefox and edge browser.
  3. Reinstalled the studio and chrome browser
  4. After reinstalling the studio, verified again if the extensions are available to the chrome browser.
  5. Disconnected my laptop from the extended monitor and tried to run again to see if the resolution would have been causing the problem.

None of the above approaches worked except the change in options to Active Accessibility, but it will not be a compatible while merging the code with the rest of the team.

There is already a post with similar issue in community post, but there was no conclusion workaround which could solve the problem for permanently.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Vaitesh_Selvaraj

So you are using which version please for package and software?


Hello @Vaitesh_Selvaraj ,

You mentioned like you are trying to align the legacy code with the Re-frameowrk and the code is working fine in the legacy code. So did you used any templates for the legacy code?
And are you using the same studio for converting that to Re-framework?

Did you tried executing the scripts in debug mode step into by enabling the Highlight element?

Hi @Nithinkrishna ,

it is 2022.4.2 , the latest release.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,

Initially, I had a hunch as such that you mentioned. But, I believe the legacy code isn’t the problem here, as I tried to develop that piece of code only outside the application code to see if it works independently without any dependency on the framework setup. I am unable to set the selector for Element exists activity for the particular element after the login page opens up to the application for automation.

Here too, I tried using the Active accessibility option, it works fine with that option enabled. But, in the end, the code has to be merged with other teammates’ pieces, with the option of Active accessibility, it would be a lot of re-work while we do unit testing on the entire code.

Yes, I always try to run it in debug mode and it got highlighted at the exception handling if that element doesn’t exist. I had to trace back the issue to that activity.