Element Exist in Flow Decision

Hello all,

Little help, In workflow I have flow decision (If is true close App, two windows of app, if is false robot continue with process).
In sequence I have this

And Flow decision


True Sequnce
image ,

But when I tested, Robot doesn’t close applications. Where I wrong?
Thank you all


Simply specify condition like this.

       CashReceipts AND MainWindow
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CashReceipts = True And MainWindow = True

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@lakshman @Pradeep_Shiv I tried boys, still same, Robot doesn’t close App’s

Hi @Gagi77
Try Cashreceipts =True or MainWindow =true

Ashwin S

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use CloseTab

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Once try to print the both Boolean values using Message Box activity and check it.

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It works when both windows are opened. How to set when is one window is open?

@lakshman @AshwinS2 @Pradeep_Shiv

specify like
if FirstCondition = true
then close this window
if secondcondition = true
then close this window
I mean use two If conditions seperately and try

Thanks guys…

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good it worked,
@Gagi77 Cheers

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