Decison Flow

Hi All,

I am trying a demo in which user is asked to guess wether a given expresion is right or wrong (for ex 1+1 =2). Now I am using a flow decision block to check the condition is true or false. The thing is, even if the condition is true, the flow decision is taking control to the false condition. Can you tell please what to do in this case ?

Hi @Piyush_Hemant

Can you show me how you have configured the flow decision activity in its properties?

Also, based on your scenario, you have to get an input from the user. Have you checked whether you are capturing the input the user provides into a variable? What activity are you using to capture the input? Is it a input dialog or a message box with buttons?

Thanks for the revert !
Actually I didn’t store the output in the variable due to which the control was going to false condition.


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Glad to know its solved… :slight_smile: