Flow decision condition check

In flow decision I have checked if the two var are equal .I am getting two value as equal but it goes to false stage even thought both are equal I have tried using trim activity also

Hi @sruthesanju,

Is it possible to share screenshots?

Also, can you try to print that condition response using write line or log message to see what this condition is evaluating to?


Hi @sruthesanju, This is weird!! Can you send a printscreen of this flow decision with properties open, send to us too the variable panel.

With the information you provided, I would try to Verify that the ​​variables are of the same type. If so, and it’s a string, the best way to compare is str1.ToLower.Trim.Equals (str2.ToLower.Trim).
If you are passing a bool directly, debug your workflow to verify that this variable is set correctly.

I’m waiting for the prints!