Multiple flow decions? or something else

I am trying to create a flow where if this directory/folder does not exist. then it needs to create it.

It is set up by year, then month and year, then day month and year (i think i got that part figured out)

however it is telling me


The workflow has validation errors. Review and resolve them first.

Condition must be set before the FlowDecision in Flowchart ‘Flowchart2’ can be used.

completely lost… HELP

Did u set a condition in each of the three flow decisions? If it is set properly, it will show up when u hover over the flow decision block.

i did not, because i have no idea how to do so, i thought the true/false was enough

Yea true/false based on what condition? You need to mention the condition under the properties panel, based on which Robot takes action if it is true or false. Write the condition.


One of the simpliest examples

got well maybe i wrote this incorrectly.

all i am trying to do is, if this file path exists, move on to this and if it does not exist. create it


Well in that case, try to use If condition activity. if file path exists, do this and if not, the other option.

thats what i figured! thank you sir!