Multiple Condition True Execute Workflows

I have a situation where I have 2 number variables which contains values

num 1 = 2
num 2 =2

I have 2 Conditions

  1. if num1+num2 = 4
  2. if num/num2 = 1

If these both conditions come out to be true I want to execute some some activities for both conditions

Like for example

If Condition 1 is true I want to execute something and simultaneously if Condition 2 also is true I want to execute something. Both conditions have separate activities to execute

Like If first conditions has writeline activity the writeline activity should execute and simultaneously if second condition has writeline activity and is also true then this writeline activity should also get executed

Basically I want the output of both writeline activities if both conditions get true

Hope you get my problem

Just use two separate IFs. Either one after the other, or nested.

Hello @Ishan_Shelke1

It would be better if you provide the actual requirement with few real data. Fro conditioning you can either use Switch case or if else activities.

But understanding the proper requirement is important.

Create a table including the conditions like a matrix and from there we can create the logic.

just to add

you can also use a flowchart like this if thats what you prefer

Perfect Thanks.

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That flowchart won’t do what you want. It will only follow one path or the other. You said you want to do something if conditionA is true, AND do something else if conditionB is also true. Flowchart won’t do that.

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