Clicking waiting for 30 seconds exactly if the "Element Exists" Activity returns false

I have been trying to test out my solution for Assignment 2 in Lesson 3, everything is running smoothly except the part where it should save a monthly report. The saving process takes 30 seconds exactly, I have tried changing between simulate click On/Off, tried all 3 options of WaitForReady, tried delaying before and after, I recreated the entire workflow and still no change. Capture

use click image activity buddy

I have the same issue with another click inside an if depending on an Element Exist, for some reason the acme website used for practice, uses two types of “pop up”. In order to solve that I used an element exist and an if statement to use a Get Text activity inside the pop up (depending on which one I got, which is totally random). So the issue isn’t from clicking per se, but rather the Element Exist, I asked around and my coworkers are blaming it on the new version of UIPath Studio.

Did you find a way to solve it?

I have a process in SAP. At a certain step the process delays for 30 seconds. I was thinking it is because of an Element exist but no, it is not.

I deleted element exist it still delays 30 seconds.