Element Exist - check for visibility


I have faced the following issue, more than a few time the last few weeks.
When using a Element Exists activity, the element might be hidden - but still there, just not visible. Therefore Element Exists will return True.

@TDagsvik have mentioned this before, and some solutions came up

However, the Find Element activity has a “Is visible” property, can we not just add that to the Element Exists activity also?

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Nicolai Krüger

But this has already a solution using the GetAttribute ("Visibility").

Now consider you can create

  • a custom activity that may implement this
  • a workflow within a library that will be deployed as a custom activity

that achieves the same.

Why should we implement it?

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Well, I am tempted to say: “You are a damn product company”, that’s kind of your guys job :smiley:

More seriously, the alternative you are giving are either tedious to implement or not clear for a non technical user (ex: Visibility attribute return an integer, depending on the Window state, maximized or not).

UiPath could automate and run Business processes without having Queues, does this mean queues is not an useful feature that was implemented?

It is also about how straightforward and readable it is to achieve something, not only about the capability itself.

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Ok. I rephrase. I meant there are

  • things that community can easily implement on its own and/or have quick workarounds
  • things that only UiPath can implement for you (queues).

And we can not implement all, therefore we have to choose.

I agree, everything should work smooth and easy but we also prioritize.

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That’s alright, I understand but this one seem to be quite a low hanging fruit if we consider that this is already implemented similarly on the “On Element Appear”, which is way underused comparing to the “Element exist”.


I like your vision on the Community/Product repartitions but unfortunately you have a lot of Customer/users not even aware that could be covered by the Community

Maybe you right. @Corneliu_Niculite

How will the GetAttribute("visibility") respond if the element can’t be found? Or should we then first use the Element Exist and then use a the GetAttribute?
Promoting this mindset, then why should you implement most activities or features in UiPath? I guess that we could live without a lot of standard activities and instead do a lot of workarounds?
Why do we have a Get Text?
Why do the Find element then even have the “Is visible” feature?

I agree with Florent that is should be an easy fix, since you should have everything you need already.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Maybe you could put the package on the list of the open Source activities (Open Source Activity packs for Community), and somebody else could implement it?