Element Exist always return True even element is not visible

Basically title.

I’ve searched forum on this topic, and there are no good answers for my case.
I have set WaitReady: Complete, and I cannot use Find Element activity since I need boolean variable which I will use in While loop.

Any hints how could I overcome this problem?
Thanks in advance. :pray:

@bp777 - can you explain your requirement with a simple example… it would be helpful for us to respond with a better idea… cheers!

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Please have a look at thread



I have a list of divs. For each div I need to scrape some data, and I need to stop scraping when I reach 13th div. So, I thought of using Send Hotkey(down) and Element Exist activity inside While loop, to loop until I get to 13th element.

Yes, but the problem is that each div has same “visibility” attribute.


Often we can detect by attributes like classes or styles if an element is invisible. For other tricky cases I released a component for such cases

Let us know in case of you need more help, but also give us some more insights on this element

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@bp777 Can you Show us the Selector that you have used in Element Exists Activity using a Screenshot. Make Sure to Show it in UiExplorer with Validated.

I can not find “element visible “ activity