Check Element visible or not in table in my web application

Check Element visible or not in table in my web application. Tried with “GetAttrbute” with “Visiblity” but it always returning 1. Which is the best activity we can use?

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Hi @naresh77

Can you explain the scenario and what you are trying to say

Ashwin S

If we want to check whether a element is there or not, if in case we are able to select them as individual elements then we can use Element exists
Activity and select the element that we want to check while the output would be a Boolean variable
The reason to use this is
—it will check whether the element exists or not and comes out with a Boolean variable so even if the element didn’t exists the process won’t stop abruptly as when find element activity is used…
— then we are able to select the element then we can absolutely use this element exists activity instead of get attribute which is good though but not that feasible when compared to element exists

Simple isn’t it
Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @naresh77

Can you explain a little what do you exactly want to do?

Are u looking if button is enabled or disabled or visibility.

Both are different.

You have to look at different property to get if button is enabled or disabled.


Karthik Byggari

Tried with element exist activity, but it returns true even element is hidden. I want to get element visible or not in UI.