I’m trying to perform data scraping from the following website- Flipkart

But only the 4 sets of data that is displayed horizontally is getting fetched. It is not detecting the same pattern for all other rows in the page. Please help.


Please find the attached workflow which is working fine.
the reason why u r getting only 4 item is u r selecting 1 item and then its adjacent(right ) item while scrapping the data. if you select 1 item and then next item as item below to the previous one then you will be getting items = no. of rows on the page.

so the solution is to select 2 random items on the page while scrapping the data.

note- 1. my chrome is broken so i downloaded firefox and used it.
2. i parsed only 400 items.

Shampoo.xaml (15.2 KB)
t.xlsx (55.3 KB)

let me know if u still feel any issue.


Thank You so much. It worked.

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