Scraping the data from flipkart

I am facing a problem in scraping the data from flipkart.
I have given the input dialogue box, in that user can enter any product,
first i have took phone,
i had scrapped the data.
The result which i got is coorect in excel
But when i give the product name speakers
it wont scrape anything.
In phone case it is taking row wise extraction
in speaker case column wise
whatever user enter the data should be scrapped

Hi @jyothi_M.B,

As per my understanding, you are trying to create your own workflow where you are getting the input keyword from the user into variable and using this variable to search in the flipkart search bar. After performing this action, you are using Data Scrapping to extract the result data into a datatable and write this datatable into the excel sheet.

Assuming the above to be true, below are the things which needs to be in place:-

  • If you are using the keyword then make sure that you trim the extra characters so that the search is made correctly.
  • (Assuming that the “Speakers” search is done accurately and we have the results in the UI), Data scrapping is the issue. In this case, please check the selectors of the data scrapping component for “Mobile case” and “Speakers case” and observe the difference. Few of the tags might be mismatched.
  • If above doesn’t help then please explain what do you mean by row wise extraction and column wise extraction so that we understand the situation correctly.

Thanks and Regards,

Thanks for your reply, yes i have tried the same
and the thing is the patterns for both are different.


Thanks for sharing the samples.

As I see, the patterns are different in both the cases. So if you use the same workflow in both the cases then the extracted results using Data Scrapping shall be undesirable.

yes that is the issue i am facing over here
How can i solve the??? @hacky


As per my understanding, we do have the provision on the Flipkart website where we can change the display grid of the search result.

I suggest, add a sequence where you can change the grid to the “bullet view” and then perform the data scrapping.

I recommend that you consider checking for option to change the grid view (or check if it is desirable one) as an additional sequence.


@hacky , where i can find the view in flipkart?


You need to check that.
There has to be some option to change the search results display option between the following:-

  • Gallary View (data scrapping will be done with respect to different thumbnails.) Not desirable.
  • List View (data scrapping will be done with respect to list of results). Desirable option.

I have not came across the case where I needed to change the grids on flipkart so cannnot comment on it.


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