Data Scraping Not Grabbing All Rows

Hi all,
Im having issues data scraping on this website ( No matter what I do, the scraping does not get all the rows, it ends up missing certain items. I am scraping the product name, link, and price. I have tried the following:

  1. Selecting first and last product on page
  2. Putting maximum results to 0
  3. Changing the timeout
  4. Editing the XAML code
  5. Removing IDX

However it still does not work. Any help would greatly be appreciated even if it is an alternative to data scraping, as long as I can retrieve the product information. Thank you.

Hi @kodm

When scraping from websites like this, if you do not get every listing in the datatable you need to try to select different items when choosing coresponding
text. Main.xaml (11.6 KB)

I tried this with your case (attatched in main.xaml) and got all 50 results from my search.

When setting up the screen scrape, in stead uf choosing the first and second item, I chose the first and the 20 item for each field to scrape. it was then easy to see that the preview showed more than 12 items (as it did when choosing 1 and second).

Hope this helps…