Web Data Scraping Tool jump some data! Why?



Hi to all! I’m trying to extract some data from this webpage:

There are 15 row in every page, and there are 3771 pages. Since there are only 9 row in the last page, we have 56559 row to extract. I’ve tried to run the example, but it gives me only a few result (about 1300)! Why? Where am i wrong? It seems that it jump some pages!
I cannot understand where is the problem. I attach the example with the post. Thanks

Main.xaml (9.6 KB)


I’ve updated the post since i’ve found a page that contains all the results without filters. I must save the name and the url of every row, but it continuous to jump some pages :disappointed:


Well i’ve found the problem. In the page, the next page selector change its position at every step, then in the first iteration it works well, but in the others it select the “li” element that fall in that position…is there a way to select this element also if it change position? Is there a way to find and obtain this element in the page, regardless its position? Thanks