Edit PDF Digital Forms

Hi is there any way to Edit Digital PDFs using Uipath?

@faiqaqureshi90 Maybe the below activity can help you :

its providing nothing but a blank dictionary

@faiqaqureshi90 Is it possible to send the PDF that you want to edit ? Also maybe tell us what you want to edit in it ?

@faiqaqureshi90 Are you able to edit the fields in a manual way ?

No, thats the hassel

is there any way to fill such pdfs?

@faiqaqureshi90 Mostly if it was an Editable PDF we could have made use of the activity to get the Corresponding field names and fill the values. Since, the PDF looks like it is Non Editable, I’m not so sure if there is any way to Fill the values for the fields.

any possibility to make these fields editable using any other tool? or so