How to create a table in Create form task actvitiy?

I was following the step listed on this thread:

I got the data table, and set the in/out argument as the form data. But not sure what I need to do in the “Open form designer”. If I don’t open it up, it will have an compile error. If I do open it up, I don’t know what to do so my table can be displayed on the form.

Anyone can help?


create form task will create a form in action center that users will interact with it, so of course you need to build a single form desing, thats what the user will see in action center. If you need just to manual classification you can use something like this

it will looks like this

for your purpose, you need to create a form, with the data to show, in your case datatable, maybe you can create a data gird component and pass the data table


Thanks! I tried datagrid already but it didn’t show anything. Not sure how and where to link the input argument to the datagrid on the form

Have you resolved the issue? I have same issue. I have created datgrid intask designer and passed in a data table… it have created the no. of rows but data is not displayed.

the issue resolved for me when I used the excel column names as the field name(i was using the data from an excel)…
Also found the following discussion… must be helpful