How to Edit Inserted Table in Action Center

I used the “Create Form Task” activity to create some tickets in the UiPath action center.

I can insert some data in the pre-filled fields, and if I need to edit it in the Action Center and do “Submit”.

In the case of tables, I can insert the table, activate the option to be able to edit and insert new entries, but the fields are blocked and I cannot edit text in the rows or when adding a new row to write any type of text.

Hi @hugo.silva
I tried this and its working for me and I can edit the table contents.
Can you share your workflow for a better understanding of the form?
If that’s not possible, can you share the form template instead (using ‘Save as template’ in form designer)?


Set your datatable argument as in/out when passing to Create Form Task activity.
This should make it work.
As a practice, you should set any argument as in/out if you want it to be editable by the user.

Thank you Paras Gera. This solved my issue !!!

Can you help me with other situation?
I have a process to send 100 tasks to orchestrator.

How can I obtain a list with all actions and iterate task by task?

If you are looking for an activity which gets all the tasks with a specific filter - that’s under development and will be released by next month.

For now, you can use the the REST APIs within a workflow to get the tasks and its data.

Oh thanks, how can i do with restAPI? Do you have an example?

You can see the swagger documentation for the list of all APIs here:

Please replace your account and tenant in the above url.

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