Error In 'Wait for form task and continue' Activity With DataTable Variable

How to fix error 'Cannot serialize the DataTable. DataTable name is not set' in 'Wait for form task and continue' activity?

Resolution :

  1. Debug the code and check if there are any DataTable variable is present with table name property as null or empty.
  2. The issue is observed if any of the Datatable's TableName property is not set in the workflow. Set them as shown below. This has to be done to ensure that the Datatable variable can be serialized.
  1. Remove all the unused variables of type DataTable.

This should be in the docs somewhere. Maybe here:

I solved the problem by putting a breakpoint at the “wait for form task and continue” and at the watch panel, i put all the datatables variables that were visible in the action center scope, in my case action center activities were in “Flowchart” scope. If there was any datatable with value on it, this error occuried. If the datatable variables were with value “null” or “the value cannot be evaluated” (not visible in this scope), the activity worked fine.

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I solved my problem adding an assing activity right below the initialization of the datatable, i was using queues and i had to deserialize my datatable, so adding the assing once the deserialization has been completed solved my problem
Left Side: YourDTVar.TableName
Right Side: “AnyNameYouWant”


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