I need help with creation of a workflow in UIPath Apps

Please i need guidance on a task i intend to carry out. I am building a data management system that stores data in the data service(The files were uploaded into the data service from excel though). So I already built a front end web ui using UiPath Apps and my question is , I want to know if its possible and how to create a process where i am able to update selected rows on the data service,and this update should not take action on the data service until it has passed performed the ffg actions(it would be built into a workflow).
1.After clicking on update record, on the front end web ui(using UiPath Apps), it should send a mail to the initiator and the first level approver.
2.Once the first level approver has either approved, it moves on the second level approver before it can then update the data service .

I already created the front end web ui but i am a bit confused on how to carry out the tasks listed above because i can see that there is a direct relationship between UiPath apps and the data service.

Thank you so much

You can update the values in data service from the workflow also. So if you have some logics, you can check them on the workflow, then update the entities from the workflow itself.
Or you may even have logics like check the logics using a workflow, send a flag back to apps based on the checks, and depending on the flag value, can update the entities from apps.

@Ilesanmi_Tosin ,

I would suggest creating the apps with the following modifications

  1. Develop an Approval App.
  2. Within the Data Service, create two new fields: ‘Assign To’ and ‘Approval Level.’
  3. On the Approval App landing page, display a list of all records where the logged-in user matches the ‘Assign To’ field.
  4. Verify the ‘Approval Level’ in the payload.
  5. If the user sees an Approval Level of 1, they should approve the request and assign it to the next person, updating the ‘Assign To’ and ‘Approval Level’ fields.
  6. If the Approval App displays an Approval Level of 2, update the ‘Assign To’ and ‘Approval Level’ fields in the Data Service when the user clicks the ‘Update’ button.
  7. To send emails, consider creating an unattended process or a web automation process based on your specific needs."


Oh great!!!.
Thank you so much for your response.

I would look through it and provide feedback

Oh okay. Thank you for your response

Thank you so much arvind.I have been working on this and i am making a whole lot of progress thanks to you.
However, i have a question, I only need this feature when i am doing an update of any selected record, and what i am doing presently is, i am pulling the selected record from the main data service(lets call it Sector entity) and saving the record updated in another entity on the data service( let’s call it Sector Staging entity). The expected end point is that if the updated record (saved in Sector Staging entity) is approved by the necessary approvers, it would replace the originally selected record in the Sector entity.

My challenge now while trying to implement this, is how can i create a key that uniquely identify the records in both the Sector and Sector Staging entities , such that when the approval is completed, the updated record can actually replace the originally selected record in the Sector entity.

@Ilesanmi_Tosin ,

Can you add one more field into Sector staging Entity that is called Sector Entity ID Approach.

This way you will have unique number into staging entity and you can easily find it.

something as below.



Oh great i would try this

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