Did any one worked with Edge browser? What are the challenges we can except work with edge?
Is the edge browser is stable like chrome ?
Please Provide some suggestions. I am having lot of issues working with edge…
Thanks in advance…

@lakshmi_kavuri yes I automated a lot of processes in an edge browser. Its stable and totally depending on your application behavior in edge browser. If I remember one of my application running in edge so I automated that in edge but I faced application slowness and Irrelative pop up issue only.


Ideally it is stable…can you please tell what issue you are facing?

And also yes it depends on thw website compatibility with edge as well


I havent seen any such unstability with Edge, unless you are facing any issues specifically.
Have built lot of automations on Edge, all running fine.

Hi @lakshmi_kavuri

You can use the edge browser as well. It is stable and compactable to do the automation. I am also using the edge browser for the automation it was good, stable and I didn’t faced any issues.

Note : For using edge browser, you have to add the UiPath extension in the edge browser.

Hope it helps!!