Best browser for new automations


What do you think whats best browser to use in UiPath automations?

Starting making new web based automation from scratch and been thinking what browser to select to start working with.

Been using IE and Chrome so far but IE is going to deprecated in some point and with Chrome is trouble with extension.

Is it too early to go with Edge? With Firefox, is there same problems with extension as in Chrome?


Buddy UiPath itself suggest to go for IE only buddy @erva
no buddy… IE wont get deprecated at any point as long as microsoft exists
Cheers @erva

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Edge browser is still in experimental stages so no go there…

Internet explorer is going to phase out - I am not so sure about this, but if this happens there will always be work-arounds.

Chrome plugin has gotten much better in Uipath so right now my suggestion would be IE>Chrome>FireFox>Edge

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Hi @erva,
I agree with @Raghavendraprasad and @Palaniyappan. Anyway please keep in mind that Edge is also growing up and suddenly starting to be better supported than IE. From couple weeks I started to see increasing amount of good information about Edge. Seems that MS is starting with something bigger here.


Thanks for reply. So best route is still with IE.

Chrome is working better now but i have one project where Chrome is closed and opened about 100 times. It sometimes goes all to end, but usually after maybe 20 opening/closing it loses communication with extension. Just changed Chrome to Firefox in this automation and it has now runned with no problems few times.


I work for a client now that we built all the processes with IE as recommended. It was reliable until it wasn’t, I do believe part of the issue stems from several web sites we were interacting with. So I since then rebuilt several jobs in Chrome, and it has been 100’s of times much more reliable. There actually has not been any issues with Chrome, where as with IE I would have some issue once a month. We current have about 150+ processes, my task has been to convert from IE to Chrome. It has proven to be a much smoother browser. To be honest part of it is that IE has so many different variables and tweaks that can be made that if something wasn’t set correctly would break the RPA. Chrome is much more user friendly, therefore RPA friendly.

Just my experience and input.