Edge Issues

I have an automation that was built in IE but now the browser has switched to edge. my whole sequence is in an attach browser scope and when i check all of the selectors (including the attach browser activity), they all validate. but when i run the automation i get an error that the sector cannot be found. i’ve also tried removing the attach browser activity and recreating and get the same result. any suggestions?



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Did you install Edge extension and enabled it ? If yes then are you able to identify individual elements using UiPath studio ?

just enabled the extensions and still getting this:

do i need to change anything in here?

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resolved issue by going into ui explorer for the attach browser activity. manually typed in app as “msedge.exe.” that still didn’t work form me. i had to go to properties pane and remove browser type completely and re-indicate the attach browser selector. it now works but found that as an odd way to remedy the solution.

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Hey @deaser59

You can also use the browser migration tool for the same.