UiPath is not recognising elements from MS Edge browser

I was not able to indicate ui elements in MS Edge for activities like check app state, type into, click from UiPath Studio. Please help me with this. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Rama_Krishna_Dokina
Check the extension of edge is installed or not.If not,Install it as shown below

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Rama_Krishna_Dokina

Have you given the extension for UiPath in MS edge browser If not.

Open the MS Edge browser → In top right there is two dots click on it → Click on extensions → Click on Manage extensions (One window open) → Enable the extension for UiPath.

Check the below image for better understanding.

Hope it helps!!

Hello @Rama_Krishna_Dokina

  1. Check Extension: Ensure UiPath Web Automation extension is installed in Edge.
  2. Developer Mode: Enable Developer Mode in Edge settings.
  3. Browser Version: Update Edge to the latest version.
  4. Review Selectors: Verify accurate and unique selectors for elements.
  5. Activity Alternatives: Try alternative activities if “Click” or “Type Into” doesn’t work.
  6. UiPath Update: Keep UiPath Studio up to date.
  7. Disable Extensions: Temporarily disable conflicting browser extensions.
  8. Browser Restart: Restart Edge and UiPath Studio.
  9. Reinstall Extension: Uninstall and reinstall UiPath extension.

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Hello @Rama_Krishna_Dokina

Firstly, Make sure you enable the Extensions for UiPath in MS Edge Browser

  • In Studio Use “Open Browser” activity (In Properties panel Select Edge as Browser type) - then in Do - Use any type into or click or element exists etc…

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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