Misleading error when running a UI automation in Edge

When running an automation using the browser Edge in incognito without the “Allow in private” checkbox ticked, the extension falsely reports this message:

“The extension cannot automate the browser running with multiple user profiles. Restart the browser and use a single profile at a time.”

Before I found out it was because of the “Allow in private” option not being selected, I had spent hours attempting different solutions to the above mentioned error message surrounding Edge profile sync, etc; when the answer was in the Extension Settings.

Expected error message should be about the “Allow in private” option not being selected.

Current ver. of extension: “UiPath Web Automation 2021.1”
Edge ver. : 98.0.1108.43 (Official build) (64-bit)
UiPath Studio: 2021.10.5


Could you please re install the extension and make the below changes.

your actual extension settings looks like:

Open Application or Browser(Private) must be checked inside the properties.