Edge browser won't respond

I am a beginner and sorry if you find this question dumb.

All my academy assignments would work perfectly fine in chrome browser but does not work in Edge. I have latest updates and extensions.
Issue - Edge opens up the web page but does not type anything in any of the fields (May be its not able to find the selector).
Can someone Please Help.
Please find attached code and error


Welcome to uipath forum

Make sure you have the latest version of Microsoft edge been installed

And with OPEN BROWSER activity make sure Browser type is chosen as Edge

And use a On element appear activity and indicate a element in that browser once it loads

Inside that keep all your activities that is performed inside the browser

Cheers @Parul_Bhardwaj

Hi, Thanks for the input, I already did those changes but it did not resolved.

Now my stuff works in Edge. what I did was, just updated ‘All Project Dependencies’ to latest version.

Thank you @Palaniyappan

Hi, friend.

I already had the same problem. I solved by configuring the WebService and then it worked just fine