Extension error in Edge browser and Google chrome

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While indicating an element through 'TYPE INTO, in Chrome and Edge browsers, can’t able to select a specific UI element. I have installed extensions for both browsers.


What version of Studio are you on? 2021.10.3 is old. Did you install the extension through Studio?

Yes I have installed extensions through Studio

Try rebooting. Sometimes Studio gets choked up

Hi @Pavan_kumar15,

Try to Uninstall the current installed UiPath Studio and clean-up all the pieces of it. It may be due to the corrupted package. Install newly from UiPath Cloud service portal.

UiPath Cloud Portal - UiPath

Reference - https://youtu.be/ivAh58x531Y

Hope this will be helpful !!

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Jayavignesh G

Thanks @Jayavignesh_G

Thank you for your help@postwick

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