Can't communicate to browser

I am facing an issue, uipath can’t communicate to the browser.
Already install the UiPath Extension for this

I am using the Edge


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Can you try restarting the browser once @balkishan?

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Restarting the browser means bro.

Just close and reopen the browser. Just a try after the installation of extension

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That I did bro, same error it’s showing me

same issue I am facing bro

I saw the same post from some other in the forum today with the Edge browser @balkishan

Can you try with someother browser and let me know the result :slight_smile:

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Bro, I can’t use other browser because I am opening a google form, which in not open clrearly in any other browser. so that’s way I want to use Edge, even I don’t want to use the Edge,

Hi @balkishan,

Can you please show me the exact code before opening the browser through URL ?
Or this is only the first step of the current process ?


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this just an test, I am checking why Edge is not working

It is working for me @balkishan

I tried to open google in the open browser activity and it is working exactly fine for me.
Can you try again restarting studio, closing the edge browser and then installing the extension and then run the workflow

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Hi @balkishan,

Can you please check it manually first if you are able to open it or not ?
Or update the extension of chrome from the Studio settings.


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Hey, It’s opening fine, but uipath is not able to open it. can’t communicate with the browser.

No bro, Not working, two times uninstall the extension and re-install it. but not working.

Thats strange. It is working for me. have you tried after closing all the opened tabs in edge and run the workflow @balkishan

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I closed the complete browser. I am opening one tab, so no tab are opening. But same error showing me.

It’s working in others browser.

No more solutions to explain @balkishan . Hope someone gives you the right solution.

Can you check finally, after restarting the machine, a common solution for most of the things and can you confirm whether you are able to see the uipath extension in the browser :slight_smile:

Hello @balkishan,

Try to uninstall the extension in Edge then reinstall it using UiPath Studio tools.

Sometimes this problem happen for me with Chrome so now I uninstall the extension from the browser and re-install it by Uipath each time, try to do it for Edge and tell me.


Hi, this solution worked for me and I thought I would share it.

Open the Edge browser and navigate to the URL where you will be doing your automation. You will notice that the UiPath icon will then light up in blue. keep that open and then start with your use browser edge activity from within the UiPath application.