Dynamic variable in click activity is not working

Please find the attached screenshots

I am using click activity to select item , While using Dynamic variable getting like this but variable scope is under For each Row only!
Kindly, Help me out

Thanks in advance

we saw in the past often this(misleading) issue when there was no default value was set for variable

so just go to variable panel and set a defualt value with a value matching your current state from the development / application context


Please check whether any unwanted spaces are there in the variable"value" if yes, you need to remove them using the Trim method before using it in the selector.



hI @rsr.chandu

Can you check whether the variable value is returning any value in message box

Checkout this too!


Hi @rsr.chandu

Check out the Uipath Official documentation


And also check that the value variable is duplicated in the variables panel like this @rsr.chandu