Addition of variable in Selectors

I have one issues. When i use Click activity in modern version of UiPath then in selectors i need to add variable. How i can do it? how can i open Ui Explorer while using Click activity in my workflow?

click the button in the Selectors section, in the Design tab


clicking 3 dots .

Hi @Rohit_Deshmukh

Check out the tutorial


Thanks I got it

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When i try to add varible then it not get validated and message shows out of scope.
How to solve it?

Duplicate : Addition of variable in Selectors

Hi Users ,

To give variable in selectors give variable like {{VariableName}} like this ,
and check variable scope from main workflow or else create new variable by right click in selector …

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Hi @Rohit_Deshmukh

Kindly check the CountOption variable is inside the correct scope or the top most scope

Scope means the set of area inside a child sequence or parent sequence

May be in your case the the variable CountOption is assigned twice(If yes delete one of the variable) or in the wrong set of scope
You can change the scope by clicking on the Scope of that sepecific variable


Check keeping Parent Sequence or else delete variable and create new from selector clicking right click …

Hello @Rohit_Deshmukh

As per the error, the variable “CountOption” is not declared within the scope of that activity.

go to the variable panel and check the scope of the variable.


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You Can input The Valuabel in Selector

  1. Assign just a Variable ( Like StrValue = “ExcelFile”)
  2. Open The Ui Activities Selector Edit Page
  3. Put The value with {{}} like {{StrValue}} in you want to Put
  4. Check The Selector


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