Regarding the variable assigning in selector

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While assigning the variable in selector in click activity, it is not validating and unable to move on further in execution. Please let me know. Looking forward for this issue to be resolved.

Hi @Ram_Shiva_Reddy

You are using a dynamic selector and it will be validated automatically when you run the process

So run your process and check whether its working or not


Hello Sir,

After assigning the variable in the click activity it’s not validating before and even while I run the process. It is reflecting as “Couldn’t find the element for this selector”…
How to proceed further?

Do you able to validate and highlight on the element before adding the variable to selector? @Ram_Shiva_Reddy

Hi @Ram_Shiva_Reddy ,

Could you maybe provide screenshots of your Implementation or of the Selector that uses the variable ?

To Validate the Element using the variable, you could set a Default value for the variable for which it the element is supposed to be Valid.

Let us know some details of the Selector/UiExplorer and implementation.

Hello @Ram_Shiva_Reddy

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Please check the below video to understand how to use the dynamic variable in a selector.


This is because the variable doesn’t have a value for it to use to build the selector when validating. Don’t worry about it, it’s expected. Just debug your process and check that the selector works.

Hi @Ram_Shiva_Reddy

  1. First select the selector and right click on that to select the approprioate variable.

2 . Assign the default value of the selector
to that variable in variable pannel and check that that selector is valid or not.

Hope it will be validated.

While this will work, it’s important to note that you may not want to leave the default set. Depends on the process, and having a default value could impact other steps.

Please find the screen shot and do the needful.

No sir. Selecting only particular block its validating and for the rest its not validating.

Can you send the link here? @Ram_Shiva_Reddy


Sir, This is the link

And what do you need to click dynamically? @Ram_Shiva_Reddy

If you are selecting into those blocks

Checkout this workflow which will click on those blocks one by one you can use that click selctor in your workflow and change the name of yours in that selector
Here is the selector

<html app='chrome.exe' title='Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)' />
<webctrl tag='TABLE' isleaf='0' idx='5' />
<webctrl tag='A' innertext='{{ClickSelector}}' isleaf='1' />

To be more dynamic you can use wildcard in the title something like

title='Mahatma Gandhi National Rural *'

Checkout the xaml file
DynamicSelector.xaml (12.4 KB)

Hope this Helps!!



Hello Sir,

It’s working. Thankyou so much

Thats Great , Kindly like and Mark your solution and close the topic if your issue solved @Ram_Shiva_Reddy


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Kindly like and make the other post as solution in which i have explained you the steps and shared you a sample xaml @Ram_Shiva_Reddy

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Buddy Mark this post which i have quotted, as solution @Ram_Shiva_Reddy


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