Can I add variable as well as wildcard character in selector

Hi everyone,

Can I add variable as well as wildcard character in selector

I would like to give variable in place of 13 and wild card character in the quote.

I added my variable in place of 13 and further not getting how add wild card character after 13.

May I know how to do it please
Thanks in advance.

you can do

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Thank u , but can anyone guide me how to change it in inner text
My variable name is numb in my process

a simple heavy wildcard for example
numb variable datatype has to be of string or int (string in your case)
When you set a default value (e.g. “13”) then you also can validate the selector it by using the default value

ok will try that now. Thanks

Hi tried but showing the error message like this

I created varible as well in variable section.

Hi @saritha
Can you run your flow and check?


ensure that the variable scope from number is defined as open that it is reachable for the activity

thats the highest scope which i have given.

can you share your xaml with ?

May I know how to share xaml

Famous_Quotes.xaml (11.7 KB)

When opening your XAML we saw this:

And clicked on the number variable block from selector;
we clicked on cancel

entered “13” as default value on the variable number on variable panel

checked again on the selector and issue was gone

Maybe the error message is wrong or misleading. But can check similar at your end?

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yeah I did it same , new error came while running. Looks like selector issue is gone and while running new error is popping up

Error looks like this
RemoteException wrapping UiPath.UIAutomationNext.Exceptions.NodeAmbiguousException: Multiple similar matches found.

Could not uniquely identify the user-interface element for this action.
Edit the element, run Validation, and add anchors in order to ensure the element is uniquely identified.
at UiPath.UIAutomationNext.Activities.TargetCommonLogic.d__13.MoveNext()

ok but this looks like a different issue. Could be the case that this selector can match multiple elements?

I did . After running the workflow selector isuuue is gone.

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Great So you can close the topic by marking solution @saritha

So That it will be helpfull for others


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