Dynamic selector for SAP


I’m a beginner and want to do a dynamic (double)click for the first row with a number/text “4”.
tableRow= ‘???’
Can someone help me, please?


Hello there,

I don’t have SAP to try it on but for my ERP what I would do is

→ Do While activity and store current index.

Do : CheckAppState for element you are looking for and tablerow = currentindex of while loop
store result of check app state to know if element exists or not
While : element exists ( so there is a row ) you use activity get Text to check if content = 4
If not, juste use a continue activity to loop again, and if yes do the double clic and use break activity after to quit the while activity
And now you have your selector because you know the tableRow ID.
You can double clic and you are sure to select the first row with 4.

Hope this helps

( I don’t know SAP behaviour when there is no more rows, but maybe element exists but content IsNothing, so you need to adapte the condition if this is true )

Okay I’ll try in a few days again, thank you.

Yesterday I tried to use a simple Click Activity and identified the the number 4 as picture, connected it with anchor base to the column and it worked.