Dynamic Clipping regions

I am doing Citrix Automation and have a table whose number of rows may increase or decrease based on filters.I have to scrape the data of the table and I have two labels one on the top of the table and one at the bottom.

My approach
I am doing find OCR text and getting the output element of the first label and then finding the absolute position as follow
ex: AgentElement.ClippingRegion.Rectangle.Value.Bottom and store it in variable
same with height, Left and right.

Then resetting the clipping area.

Do the same for the second label as well.

then I thought I could get the region in between using the height and left coordinate from first label and bottom and right coordinate from second label.

I am facing the following issues. I don’t think I am getting the absolute coordinates although I am resetting clipping area after every find OCR text
please let me know how to solve this problem

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Hello @niteesh2004 ,

If you are working with web application, try to get the table values using Page source.