Dynamic Image search in Citrix

Hello, I need to find Text in Citrix dynamically and then click on it. Eg. I am retrieving some values from an Excel sheet like ‘ABC’, ‘DEF’, ‘GHI’ etc. through a loop. In Citrix, we can use ‘Click OCR Text’ or ‘Find Image’ but since the Text keeps changing in my case so I am not sure how to provide dynamic inputs (ABC,DEF etc) which searches that particular text/image in citrix and click on it.


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I guess you can use Computer Vision activities here. Once give a try with Computer Vision activities.


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Still this click OCR Text with your dynamic text input will work
But if you feel it didn’t work as expected try with @lakshman suggestions on Computer Vision activity

For more details on computer vision and how to use it


Cheers @Ashish_Bansal

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Thanks Laksman, it works for me.

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Glad I could help.

Can you please close this thread my marking helped post as solution. So that it will help others who are facing similar kind of issue.

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