Dynamic extraction using get text method

I need to extract the name of the flows dynamically from power automate desktop using UiPath. But now I’m only able to get the first name. May i know how to do it?

This is my get text selector editor


Include a idx attribute in the selector on last line…increment it and it would get each name

<ctrl automationid='FlowNameTextBox' idx='1' />

Change to 2 you would get second and so on


Can you try to inspect the selectors for the first two rows (Your flow names) using UiExplorer and find out the attribute in the selector which seems to be incremental and different for the rows. There might be some attribute like an idx or rownumber or tablerow which you can use to extract all the rows by using a counter variable in studio for the row number and increment it to get different rows. Here is an example where I have highlighted the attribute:

But in this case, when i add new flows, i have to add another get text method which is not dynamic


Did you try with the above method?

You can use variable inplace of idx value


You can use a loop concept and start from the first row and increment the variable in the get text activity. But make sure you use an element exists to check if the next row is there. If not, you can break the loop. So that this will stop at your last available row.