How to get text from browser UI Element where the selector properties are dynamic(changing everytime)?

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I am trying to Get Text for the values Name, Occupation and Favorite Actors after clicking on generate button. Issue is the selector is not recognizable and is getting changed everytime the Generate button (Using Get Text Activity) is clicked and giving error.

Please help how to get the text value in this case.

Tried with(wildcard) and UiExplorer .But couldn’t able to find reliable selector .
Workaround would be use relative scraping.
ex: for occupation.
first click on occupation(LHS) then when indicate prompts then indicate on the occupation(RHS) field.
like this its working fine.


Could you please share the workflow ?, not working for me yet…

The best solution is to use Wildcard in the selector (* in title field). However, an error may occurred if you put it incorrectly. You may consider another option by “Attach to Live Element”, which located at the top-right corner of the Selector Editor Windows. So you just indicate the live element, in this case is the Name or the Occupation Values.

Good Luck bro. :slight_smile:

For me, both does not work

Wildcard and attachLive element doesn’t work all time.
If UiExplorer couldn’t able to find then above approach nowhere come closer.

Here we go.
Main.xaml (14.8 KB)

Just make sure how many page down require to visible occupation field.(i hava give 2 page down )
It varies depends on the resolution of screen so.


Thanks a ton bro…It works…:slight_smile:

Hi All,

I have a similar requirement.There is an amount which need to be extracted against some …For example

Totalamount: 20$.I need to extract the 20$ which is against totalamount: which is dynamic.

Please suggest. @ddpadil