For Each Row - select value by dynamic column name

My scenario:

I have a web element who’s default text is the same as a column header in excel (i.e. “Choice 3”)
I can use “Get Text” to get the text from the web element.

However, I need to get the corresponding row value from excel from the column with that same name. Since each web element is unique (i.e. Choice 4, Choice 5, etc…) i need to do this dynamically to use the text i extract to identify which column to look up into.

How do I do this?
Can i modify the below to replace “Choice 3” with a “variable name” – i.e. in Get Text i save it as a value “CurrentChoice”

I then loop through to execute each choice with its corresponding value. But i can’t properly map the text to the column name.

Any help is appreciated!
CurrentRow.ByField(“Choice 3”)

Have you done the free online training from the UiPath web site? It covers stuff like this.