Dynamic Drop down in new form activity

Hello Everyone, a bit new here, so appreciate the insight.

I am attempting to create a dynamic drop down on my form.
I have managed to send a list of type string to the form and get it to be displayed just as expected.
What I am having trouble with is capturing the choice of the user, instead I am getting the entire list back.
I’m not sure how I capture the input from the user

Just to further clarify, my problem is that city_dropdown is my list being sent to the form for the drop down, but then city_dropdown down is the same value being returned by the form

Are you getting the values by the activity ‘Get Form Values’ ?

hello, thank you for the response. For some odd reason, Whenever I try to use “get form values” It is unable to find the form and gives an error (see attached


Hi @brandon_lee

make sure you’ve displayed the form before attempting to access its values, and double-check that the instance name you’re using matches the form’s instance name exactly

So the form name is correct, as you can see im accessing it in the ‘show form’ segment. What does it mean to display the form before accessing it? excuse my lack of knowledge :slight_smile:

Can you try to turn on the ‘Continue workflow execution’ in the show form activity?

Hello, Tried this as well… still errors saying form not found

Can you debug and check if the form is still displayed when the ‘Get form Values’ activity is executed? If the form is closed before that, then that might be the issue.

google flight.zip (34.6 KB)