Get Form Values unable to see form

I am sending a List of string from my main to NewForm.
This enables me to have a dynamic drop down list.
Now I need to know what value is returned from the form (what the user selected)

But the Get From Value activity is failing:
Get Form Values: The form was not found. Please make sure that you have shown the form before and that the Instance Name you’re using is correct (FormNotFound)

why can’t it see the form?
How else can i get the user input?

Hi Brandon,

Did you find the solution for this issue? If Yes- could you please share the solution for this?


I’m guessing you have a Submit button, and then try to get the values. The new forms don’t work that way. The Submit button is closing the form before Get Form Values can execute. That’s not how you do things like this in the new forms.

This is how a proper form automation looks.



Then I have a trigger for a button clicked (Set All Notes.xaml)

Then it continues after that with the rest of the steps to perform when that button is clicked. Each event I want to respond to (for me they’re all button clicks, but you can also do events like "this field changed) has its own XAML with a trigger…


When you want to finally close the form and stop you do a Close Form then Stop Local Triggers. I have this at the end of my final step - the user is prompted if they want to submit another. If they select no, Close Form and then Stop Local Triggers:

This video is a great explanation of how to use forms.