"Get Form Values" unable to find form

I am sending a List of string from my main to NewForm.
This enables me to have a dynamic drop down list.
Now I need to know what value is returned from the form (what the user selected)

But the Get For

m Value activity is failing:
Get Form Values: The form was not found. Please make sure that you have shown the form before and that the Instance Name you’re using is correct (FormNotFound)

why can’t it see the form?
How else can i get the user input?


Make sure that the form has been shown to the user and that you are using the correct instance name. You can also try using the Wait for Form to Close activity to make sure that the form is not closed before you try to get the values from it.
and form is should also be in the same workflow as the Get Form Values activity.

Cheers @brandon_lee

ui path forms.zip (2.3 KB)

Hey thank you for the advice, but I don’t think any of things you mentioned is applying to me… perhaps I’m wrong. I’ve attached my main workflow and my form. If you could take a look I’d really appreciate it


Did you give an instance name to the form?

Try givign an instance name in the show forms and use the same name in get form values as well and check


no luck, both instances match


Try to set the same field key value again…without _list in show form activity and change the direction to out and check what is getting returned

Or change the actual list argument value to in/out and check if the list is getting the data of only selected once it is submitted

As we can see from screenshot the direction is set only to in