Dynamic CV table extraction (having cursor)

Objective is to search full name in table (having cursor). I’ve tried CV extract table activity but able to find elements (100 names) in first frame only - not full list.

This could create an exception instead of searching name in whole table. Any thoughts to fix this?

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HI @Sonalk

Can you share the screen shot after extracting the table (i.e., the preview of the table).
Because I think it will show number of rows to extracted

By default it will be on 100 i think

Check that and share the screenshot


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@Gokul001 : In CV, captured screenshot contains limited rows of information (not for all rows in table).

If you look at the right end of this application screenshot. There is one down cursor available.

To extract all rows in table, i am thinking to click on down arrow button and read captured rows - not sure whether this is reliable solution.

Manually all rows can be read by moving cursor downwards.

Since 21.12 the Extract Table activity supports scrolling, you just need to set it to True (and set logging to False in production). The 22.2 release which is to be released now is significantly better at detecting high resolution tables, if you run into any issues, please try with the upcoming version

Note: in your image, the columns are very narrow and OCR will not see the full text, just the visible part of it, so it’d be best to expand them before doing the extract/searching etc.

@Dragos_Bobolea : Thanks for your reply.

Could you please clarify : 21.12 or 22.2 release is package version or something else. How to get this type of activity.

CV activities are predefined in StudioPro so not sure whether i have to download any dependencies.

CV activities package >=21.12-preview have the table scrolling functionality. If you don’t see Scroll in the Extract Table’s Properties, check you UiAutomation package version and try upgrading to 21.12.0-preview
The 22.2 activities package + 22.2 model (cloud) will be better than the 21.12, so if you run into any trouble, you should definitely try again after updating; Please check back with us if you still run into any trouble

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@Dragos_Bobolea : Unable to find this version.

I am using Studio Pro 2021.4.4 . How can i install this dependency. Or do i have to upgrade to Studio v2021.10.5?

There’s a filter to the right of the search box, you need to check “Include prerelease”, since 21.12 is preview

@Dragos_Bobolea : Thanks for the details.

I have tried as mentioned in screenshot. set Scroll = True but it is still giving output (name starts from A to B only, ideally it should give all records starts till Z).
Do i have to do anything different in CV scope or add all image frames) in CV scope ?

Not sure whether this is happening with this application only

The Scroll activity is using the same events that are triggered by the scroll wheel.
Can you manually scroll through the table using the mouse scroll, or the arrow keys/page down? Or is it only possible clicking on the arrow button?

Hi @Sonalk

If in your application you do a mouse scroll is the table scrolled? I ask because the underlying method of scroll table is by doing a mouse scroll.

If the application responds to mouse scroll is it possible to share your workflow with us?
Also - in the “AppData\Local\UiPath\ComputerVisionLogs\TableScroll” folder you should have some runtime logs. Can you share those with us?

@sbotan : yes, this table is mouse scrolled.

Behaviour of scroll is quite intermittent. Sometimes it just stops in the middle.

Do you need .png files or stichinfo.logs or info.log?

@Dragos_Bobolea : yes, this table is mouse scrolled.

This scroll option is quite intermittent so i am skipping extracting data table rows step.

If possible please attach all the files, but if it’s not ok for you to share the png at least both .log files