Extracting Tabular Data using Computer Vision which has a scoll

Hi Team,

I tried using the CV activities to extract tabular data from a remote machine which is working fine but when scroll is there the correct set of data rows are not being populated.
Already i have made the scroll option as “True” in the CV Extract Table option.

Can anyone help me here

share any scrreenshot or something

Please find the screenshot of the table i am trying to extract

make sure that cv extract table is inside the cv screen scope
and scroll should be true
and increase the scroll delay to 3000

Hi @Aditya_Singhania

Can you please turn table scroll logging to true from project settings, run it on the remote machine and send us the log folder (should pe under AppData\Local\UiPath\ComputerVisionLogs\TableScroll)?

Did not have any folder as mentioned by you.

Did you enable the scroll logging from project settings and republished the automation?